About Outbreak

A fanlisting is a site for all fans of a particular interest to come together, and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject. This is a fanlisting for the Capcom game, BioHazard Outbreak (US version: Resident Evil Outbreak), released in 2004.

Outbreak is one of my favourite BioHazard games despite its much shorter gameplay length. You play as one of the 8 ordinary citizens trying to survive attacks from zombies and find a way out before you die from the infection. Unlike every other games, the characters don't split up for stupid reasons, and the other characters can protect you as much as you can protect them. You can check what the others have in their inventory and trade items (walking storage, anyone?), call for help, barricade doors, hide in lockers or under beds... So many optional little things added in this game. Even though, yes, the AI-controlled characters are also idiots who sometimes drive you mad by running off and wasting bullets; it's also amazing when you get severely attacked and are crawling around and they pop you up and use that First Aid Spray on you.

If nothing else, the game has, in my opinion, the best opening and opening theme, and is the first game of the series with online component. :)

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