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Name @ www Country Favourite Character(s)
Ace website Scotland
Ada Wong website Philippines David, Cindy, Kevin and Alyssa
Alexandre website Brazil Cindy Lennox
Andi email website Poland Alyssa, Cindy
Andres website Chile
Andres email website Paraguay Cindy, Yoko
Andres website Paraguay Cindy
Andrew website USA Cindy, Kevin
Aurora website Japan all
Ben Fox email website USA David and Alyssa
BlondeStevie email website England Cindy Lennox
Britney email website USA all
Bruno website Brazil Alyssa
Candeta website England Cindy Lennox
Candy website England Cindy, Kevin
Carl Ray website USA
Casey website USA all
Celina email website USA
China email website USA all
Cillianebbs email website Ireland David, Mark
Claudia website USA Alyssa Ashcroft
Danica website USA Alyssa Ashcroft, David King, Kevin Ryman
Darkhealm website Brazil All - Kevin and Jim
David Hill website Northern Ireland George
David King website USA David King
Dominic website USA David and Kevin
DrZoibergLo email website Canada
Emma website Wales Jim, Alyssa, Cindy & David
Eric Gustavo website Brazil David
Erick website Mexico Alyssa Ashcroft
Erin website USA
Ernest Malarkey email website USA
Farah email website Italy Cindy
Fê Croft email website Brazil Kevin
Glenn email website Australia
Haruko email website Italy Cindy
Hendrika website USA David King, Yoko Suzuki
Holly website USA Kevin Ryman
Horus email website Egypt Cindy Lennox, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft
Iruka website Germany Yoko
Ivan website Brazil Alyssa
J website USA Kevin and David
Jacob K email website USA Alyssa, Cindy, George, Kevin
Jaded Monkey website Canada Any
Javier website Peru Yoko
Jeff website USA Kevin Ryman
Jeff Atwood website USA Kevin, Jim, Mark, David
Jenilee website USA Yoko
Jerico website USA
Jessica website USA Alyssa
Jessica Yui website Brazil David and Kevin
Jessie-Simone email website Australia Cindy
Jkr website England David King
Joe email website Australia jim
Joe email website Australia jim
Johanna website Germany all
John website England Kevin Ryman
Jose Tovar website USA Kevin Ryman
Joshua Cox website USA Cindy Lennox, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft and Yoko Suzuki
Joshua Roche website USA
Julie website USA Kevin
Julie website Japan
Kazusa website Japan David
Kevin website USA Kevin
KevinUnith website Ethiopia
Kimberlee Catena website USA
Koh website USA Yoko Suzuki
Kris website New Zealand Kevin
Kyrie website Indonesia Alyssa
Lady Tyrant website Germany Yoko and Mark
Laura website USA
Laura website Canada Cindy, Kevin, Alyssa, and many more....
Lauren email website USA Cindy Lennox & Alyssa Ashcroft
Layla Moore website England
Lena website Canada
Leny email website USA David, Jim, Kevin
Lin Lin website Canada Yoko, David
Lucas email website Brazil Yoko, David, Kevin
Malin Andersson website Sweden
Mary Ann Kelley website USA Cindy
Matheau Martinez email website USA Jim
McIntyr email website Scotland Kevin
Michelle website USA David and Cindy
Miguel website USA Jim Chapman
Moni email website USA all
Monika website USA Alyssa Ashcroft
Monnie email website Brazil Alyssa
Najwa email website Malaysia Kevin
Neostantine website USA Kevin Ryman
Nicholas website USA Jim, George, David
Paul Varshky website Argentina David King
Preston email website USA David King and Alyssa Ashcroft
Raintree04 email website USA Kevin and David
Rasha website USA Alyssa Ashcroft
Reeceyboy email website England Cindy
Robert website France Cindy Lennox
Rojocapo610 website Argentina Mark
Ronald website Singapore Kevin
Sandy website Australia Kevin, David and Alyssa
Sarah email website USA
Sarah Williams website England David King
Shay website USA Kevin Ryman, David
Silje website Norway
Stephanie Ellis website Canada Kevin, David
Steve Powis website England David, Alyssa
Susan website England
Susie email website USA
Suzanne website Philippines Alyssa
Suzanne email website Philippines Alyssa
Tara email website Australia Kevin Ryman
Teresa email website USA
Timothy website USA Cindy
UBCS Elite website Canada
Unicorn Phantom website USA Kevin Ryman, Cindy Lennox, Alyssa Ashcroft, David King
ValxyRedfield email website Paraguay Alyssa
Ventia website USA Alyssa and Kevin
Vickie email website Australia Cindy
Vlash email website Italy Alyssa
William email website Colombia Yoko
Yaroslav website Russia
Yene email website USA Kevin Ryman
Zach M website Canada